About us

IMG_9110We would like to share our design with you!  We are making personal style leather bags and home accessories. You can either choose anything you like from what we have or have it custom made. To make an order, please see our contact details above. Or just ask about the price, it’s for free :) We are situated in Oslo and Moscow, but we ship of course everywhere.

Expose yourself with a plastic purse

This plastic purse with leather details is a thing that can have hundreds of ways of using. You can use it to for a short walk when you don’t need many things with you, or as a travel purse to keep your passport and tickets, or to store important documents at home. We have different sizes, this particular purse is 26*22 cm (10,5*8,5 inch)._MG_4099


Your everyday bag

This leather handbag is perfect as an everyday bag, it is big enough and you can wear it over the shoulder. It is made of a very soft and cool jeans-looking leather. The size is appr. 55*37 cm (22*15 inch), but we can make it smaller or bigger for you._MG_4032


Your everyday bag